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Sparks! Sparks! We drink them in parks. We down five or six before the night even starts Sparks! Sparks! They don't sell them in bars So meet me in the sparking lot in-between two cars Orange one, blue ones, just heard of black Three beers worth of booze and a whole lot of crack Tastes like Smarties gets us pumped for the parties Orange tongue in the morning, we're still pouring!
Steampunk 02:28
From the orchards of the OC and our Jonny Appleseed. From the very same soil that spawned her and him and you and me. There’s something about this cider it makes me feel at home. Even though I’m by myself I know I’ll never be alone. Steampunk- it’s the name of the brand. Steampunk- I’ve got one in each hand. Steampunk- I end up on the floor. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Tonight it falls on me. I’ve been drunk on Hornsbys. Drank Woodchuck out the ass. Angry Orchard is corporate bullshit and Redds is just fucking wack. There’s something about this cider it makes me feel at home. Even though I’m by myself I know I’ll never be alone. Harvest sober by October Message bottled whole. Harvest sober by October I don’t plan on getting old you fucking touchhole.
I don't know what I learned in schools I just know one golden rule and that's Drink! Drink! And drink some more Drink, drink, drink! Until you're on the fucking floor! We're the alcoholics unanimous You won't think very highly of us Because it's not God but booze we trust And in our life alcohols a must
Got a 30 pack and I’m out on bail 15 beers on the Erie Canal Called up Terry, Asa, and the Whale 15 Beers on the Erie Canal We’ve done some dumb shit in our day Ran from cops and got away We drink our whiskey by the quart From Albion to Middleport No fridge! Better drink ‘em down No fridge! Before we get back into town Annoying all your neighbors Annoying all your pals When you get intoxicated on the Erie Canal Got a 30 Pack and I’m bound to fail 15 beers on the Erie Canal Don’t care what brand as long as it’s on sale 15 beers on the Erie Canal Jumped from bridges in our day Into cows and swam away We drink ourselves to oblivion From Middleport to Albion


released May 31, 2014

Vox: Lick
Drums: Joakes
Guitar: Jazon
Bass: AW

Recorded by: Officer Greggers @ The Winery May 2014


all rights reserved



Drunk Asa and the Cheap Bastards Medina, New York

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